As a NO COST labor example; there are now 10,900,000 million 

American citizens collecting disability income alone!  Unless they are 100% disabled, catatonic, blind or mentally incompetentif, when

and until the purposed Southern Border Wall is completed 

making our immigration security more airtight, all Disabled Americans of age will serve.  As well as, all 94 million unemployed

or underemployed that are receiving government funds, other than 

VA disability and Social Security retirement entities but they may volunteer.  



Bottom-line, if the government funded disabled can watch television, they can electronically guard our borders, from the comfort of their own homes.  The overall majority of our disabled may serve some MINOR portion of their time, seconds; minutes NOT HOURS

even in their wheelchairs or beds, while viewing their assigned portion of our border.  They all will be observing electronically, their 

assigned portion of our country’s continuous 360 DEGREE 



Thus, immediately becoming Patriot’s and once again, becoming paramount members of our society and no longer just a fiscal 

burden to our society (alleviating devastating depression which manifests greatly, with all disabilities).  Including Oxygen Nation’s Patriot Tiger volunteers, which are potentially 10’s of MILLIONS

 of EYEBALLS, keeping all America boarders 360’ SAFER 24/7/365!


Now Receives a Strong Benefit


Money Well Spent!

Notwithstanding, the 40+ millions of Welfare Food Stamps recipients, 

generations of under-employed (volunteers only!), bored disenfranchised retirees (volunteers only!), Medicaidrecipients, 

indebted student loan entities, can now; offset their costs and

trillions of dollars LONG TERM in stampeding illegal immigration costs of crime, court costs, prisonseducation, infrastructure and 

health costs.  All American citizens of age may volunteer!  A prime 

financial inducement and strong psychological motivation is, not only patriotic, as our Civil Defense was in past World Wars.


Now, once again; the American Patriots and American Tigers shall receive cash bonuses and distinguished public recognition, for all

captured entities and their contraband that is seized from illegal 

aliens and from all illegal cargo shipments, within our exclusive economic zones of 200 nautical miles.

Accountability: There shall be security watch redundancies and daily alternating border postings.  There shall be continuous 


if they should ever fail in identifying and fulfilling their duty, they could jeopardize their government funding entirely.  With the absolute "EXCEPTION" of entities that are 100% disabled,catatonic, blind or mentally incompetentALL VOLUNTEERS, VA disability, Social Security retirement entities and Government retirement pensioners.





Furthermore, all foreign shipments to America will be searched twice by USA NGO’s employing American Patriots: once before loading 

foreign containers, cargo, crew and passengers then again, during the unloading of all foreign transports stateside. The transports 

themselves will be searched before leaving all U.S. ports, even though they may be empty, to assure that no illegal contraband whatsoever is on board.  


These vigilant U.S. National Security inspections for illegal contraband and terroristic components; conducted by American Patriot’s NGO’S in foreign ports, plus the foreign port time delay 

dissatisfaction, will cost the foreign exporters, exponentially. All COSTS including American Patriot’s total  costs, must be paid and totally absorb by foreign exporters upfront, before any shipment departs; in which, powerfully strengthens and absolutely

guarantees, America’s swift  and soaring revitalization in USA manufacturing might and global price competitiveness, without a:


Obviously, all future foreign oil, gas and other foreign paramount 

natural resource shipments will be vigilantly and scientifically

inspected to discover true origins, to undercut the price 

effectiveness of all Black Markets and Rogue Nations illegal exports GLOBALLY. Now ALL of our boarders, Seas, Great Lakes and Waterways in total, shall become terroristic and criminally nontoxic, thusly; freeing up our country’s current 800,000+ law enforcement HEROES,

to focus on eradicating Urban Crime permanently, that are most aided by Oxygen Nation’s new forthcoming SOLUTIONS.


At that time, America will successfully maintain full employment and prosperity for all, especially the handicap or disabled.  Only at

that time, perhaps then, we may compassionately, and most 

conservatively select, the world’s humanitarian aliens from foreign lands with security clearances.  NEVER FORGET Oxygen Nation’s 

forthcoming Government Revenue ParadigmsWILL GENERATE all future necessary funds that are NEVER targeted on the back of 

AMERICAN CITIZENS by way of INCOME TAXES!  Never forget TOO, that all of the above righteous security undertakings, shall be 

backed-up globally when needed, by millions of expertly trained, conditioned and THE WORLD’S best equipped American Peacekeepers.

(Armed Forces)

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