Tearfully Cries Out:



Originally, America never FULLY compensated our forefathers in 

Congress, to serve our country and NEVER, EVER TO THE DEGREE THEY PAY THEMSELVES NOW; it was an honor and sacrifice for dedicated 

men that loved our Country.  They sacrificed their families, FARMS 


businesses to Make America truly Magnificent!  

They volunteered by enlarge for ONE TERM then went back to their families and their farm’s.  To serve our Country is to sacrifice, like our brave men and woman in our Armed Forces!  That’s the KEY ingredient that Congressional Members and Bureaucrats have LONG FORGOTTEN! 

Oxygen Nation's MISSION with YOUR help is to rectify that

MISSING excellence in SHORT order.  NOW we have  20-30 and 40 YEAR DECEITFUL CAREER POLITICO’S RULING US ALL!


foughtbled and died to forcibly


Now we are enslaved by Congress’ 

535 members, their families, and friends

that not only live like Kings but act like KINGS,


Along with their families, friends Special-Interest Groups such as: Wall Street, Dark C-4’s, Corrupt Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, Super Packs and especially the K Street Lobbyist’s hordes etc.  Compare their lifestyles to our struggling POOR, lower and middle classes!  While at the same time Congress enacts laws to protect 

themselves and their long standing greed and lies!


Now WITH YOUR HELP, we can victoriously declaw Congress, by taking away their TWO (2) major components, their corrupted

VOTES and LEGISLATION'S that they have to CORRUPTLY and 



That will simultaneously save us TRILLION$ of dollars in corruption payouts and fraudulent SLUSH FUNDS HIDDEN in Congress'

appropriations, one most recent case of LYING for SIX (6) straight years by intentionally OVER funding the (CHIP) Children Hospital Insurance Program by $10’s of MILLIONS of DOLLARS. 

It is actually a SECRET SLUSH FUND that is all diverted by Congress EVERY YEAR to pay for hush money, lawyer fees and GOD knows WHAT, because the Senate doesn’t even KNOW!  That’s ONLY ONE program; just imagine how many BS programs are in the Omnibus Spending Bill? Doubt it?

Check out C-SPAN’S SENATE CHIP DEBATE that aired April 16, 2018!  

Diverting MONEY from a CHILDREN'S program, they have NO PRIDE or SHAME!

Senator Ran Paul just stated $800 MILLION IS MISSING of THE MILITARY BUDGET C-SPAN April 17, 2018!  It goes on and ON, with blatant examples of fraud and waste!  With Oxygen Nation’s 10’s of millions of leveraged petitions, 

"Eliminating Government Corruption


the Highest Levels,

we will immediately benchmark Congress’s salaries


benefits to the average of working class American’s.  That will motivate the corrupted 

political elite, to excel in creating GREATER paying jobs for all AMERICAN’S FIRST!

Where are all the corrupt POLITICO’S going to spend these

TRILLION$ of DOLLAR$ in future savings?  They CAN’T because 

YOU decide where every future DIME of it is spent; it may take you 45 seconds to vote but vote you WILL!  Because the more you vote, the more you and your family and friends receives, you will LOVE that, just like the corrupted congressional membership has throughout the ages but WHEN you vote NOW you will be in your home, in your favorite recliner!  IF YOU JOIN AND SIGN YOUR PETITION NOW to accomplish JUST THAT!

Click Here!

All that we are asking for is the expansion of our constitutional voting rights for income equality!

They Shall

All Cry Out: 

"But Then We Can’t Afford

to Live in DC Too!!"

That’s the point, beforehand in the 1700 it was mandated that Congress must live in DC because it could take literally MONTHS to travel to 

DC, the same applied to voting as well but; NOT now, NOT WITH 21ST. Century technology.  If the Pentagon, FBI and Wall Street etc, can communicate 

SECURELY GLOBALLY, so can our POLITICIANS!  HELLO is anybody home?  Has anyone in DC ever heard of the “Call To Meeting” 

format where everyone may SEE and SPEAK to each other in SMALL or LARGE GROUPS SECURELY over the Internet, all one needs is a computer or a cell phone!  In short CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS “GO HOME and STAY THERE and send your STAFF HOME TOO!"

This ACTION shall save us BILLION$ and THEY all can finally face their voters daily; if they are doing the job that they were elected to do, then no grief or tribulations! 

Also instead of their asinine“One Global Economy” actions that 

destroyed America with; devastating trade agreements and their

other hideous “One Global Government”mandates, with

corresponding global sharing mechanisms along with the UNITED 

NATIONS, such as; Foreign Aid which primarily supports their One 

Global Government while ROBING America’s POOR to give to the 

RICH, in POOR foreign countries. While 50 million, of our fellow 

Americans live in wretched poverty.  This is an outrage to American 

Democracy itself and rapes America’s Declaration of Independence 

which guarantees Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Ask Americans if they FEEL their VERY Life, Liberty and Happiness is overwhelmingly THREATEN, adversely MALIGNED and 

STRONGLY mitigated by Congress!  Again, OUR constitution states:


“That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive

of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it!”  


That is exactly what Oxygen Nation Members shall accomplish 

PEACEFULLY and we better do it NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.  

Elections are right around the corner, with YOUR HELP, we shall replace all of Congress’s corrupted Renegades, with Oxygen Nation’s 

“Grassroots Funding Only” mandates; Candidates that are under Oxygen Nation’s IRON CLAD contract to pass all of our NUCLEAR 

and CA$H COW$ solutions BEFORE our member’s votes for them.  

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