Phase Three:

We Don’t Want Them Locked Up;

We Want Them Locked INTO Success!

Addressing the 2.4 million prisoners’ and 12 million short time prisoners that are cycled through our country’s jail systems in any given year.  All Americans should not oppose Oxygen Nation’s 

revolutionary prison reform paradigm.  Selective prisoners will be immediately trained by said *NGO’s / *UUEA’s to recondition said

equipment as fully explained in "Defusing Racial Powder Kegs", thus; turning all prisons, jails and probationary administrations, into 

educational and career placement centers.  All prisoners that agree 

to their work release program, which saves them from rotting in jail, thusly becoming; criminally and religiously radicalized throughout our history.  While permanently staining their records for life 

thereafter, they will now have a positive clear choice and direct pathway to future salvationfinancial independence and peace.

By volunteering to remove themselves provisionally from all known 

habitual social triggers that caused their illegal gross malfeasance

in the first place;  it’s now THEIR choice, exhilarating freedoms by becoming global educators and business leaders or becoming hideously caged wild animals, A.K.A. prisoners without freedom nor privileges. 

Oxygen Nation 

Turns Life’s Losers,

Into Global Winners!


VERY RARELY, can prisoners become truly reformed in the same environment that has corrupted them!  Their freedom of choice

program, which provisionally appends their U.S. citizenship's

voluntarily, are then trained and certified and will be sent to LDC countries and supervised by Junior Ambassador’s (trustees and indebted student loan entities) applicants, seeking strong college

loan mitigations.  Millennial students by in large, do not just want

things; they want true adventure with lasting significance!  They are determined to make the world a better place in all aspects and they shall.

To successfully and seamlessly assimilate: ALL PARTIES INVOLVED

as well as, certified honorary prisoners, and; to benefit, accommodate and to strongly mitigate any future racial, and religious discriminations, language, lifestyle barriers, that would negatively impact their security; all Millennial Junior Ambassadors, Senior Volunteers and their staff will be transferred to work in their 

original ancestral LDC origin countries. 


We shall use the United Nations world ethnic population’s overlays

to identify, including DNA testing and predetermined most suitable

global locations for all parties involved.  If there is ever a breach in legal or ethical codes, prisoners shall fully serve out their time in host countries; thus strongly eliminating America’s staggering 

crime and prison costs.

U.S.A. passports are issued to Junior and Senior Ambassadors only and trustees and NOT their (TA’s) Transformation Associates.  Once fully

reformed and vindicated, TA’s will be reissued U.S.A. passports to re-enter stateside.  The upside effects are all boundless and once re-entered stateside their past records are cleaned and all rights restored, they shall be most qualified for all levels, in the high paying

private industry sector positions in; ManufacturingServices and

Agricultural Industries Sectors.  The TA’s that chose to stay in their

(work transferred) LDC countries, to train and manage their LDC’s 

local populations; refurbishing, could then qualify to receive small business loans from SBA or stay as OXYGEN NATION Patriot’s.

Future TA’s certified foreign trainee graduates, shall also be eligible

for U.S. provisional citizenship's.  TA’s, Trustees, Junior and Senior Ambassadors shall receive financial bonuses and promotions for

successful foreign trainee conversions.  The overwhelming majority of prisoners and their immediate families shall elect to stay in their host LDC countries because of their newfound upward status 

motivations, educations and certifications that shall put them all, educationally and financially light-years ahead of the LDC’s general

populace.  Achieving a true and lasting rehabilitation paradigm; as

the NORM and NOT the exception. At that time, they shall be granted

full dual citizenship. 

Bottom Line,

Hereafter in America: 

We Don’t Want All Prisoners


We Want Them 





Most Successful Future!

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